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Radosław Rycielki - adwokat

temidaAdvocate Radosław Rycielski (PhD) has been signed up for the list of barristers of the Law Society in Warsaw. He has been the member of the Bar since 2004. Doctor of law at University of Warsaw (PhD dissertation dedicated to taxation on the interest of capital gains and dividends in Polish law and in EU directives). Lecturer of advocate`s trainees in Warsaw Bar Council. He is entitled to perform of activities in the scope of the tax consulting. He has gained professional experience, among others, as the legal representative of the West-Pomeranian Governor for privatisation of one of the state enterprises, as the lawyer of the Chief of Voivodeship Police Station in Szczecin, as a legal specialist in Syndic Office of one of the legal entities, but first of all as the trainee to be an advocate. He has achieved the best result in the written appeal in the penal case on the law society examination. During the legal training he undergone apprenticeship to the experienced lawyers, as well as in the prosecutor's office and at different departments of courts.

He has deepened his practical knowledge in the range of tax law, fiscal penal law and commercial law during his cooperation with the Institute of Modzelewski and Partners Tax Studies and with the affiliated law firm. He has also been the assistant at the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Szczecin (Faculty of Economy). Barrister Radosław Rycielski has finished studies on the Faculty of Law and Administration at Szczecin University with the very good result. He also finished the American law and international commercial law studies, organised in Cracow in 2000 by the Jagiellonian University and Collumbus School of Law from Washington D.C.

The graduate of postgraduate studies of fiscal penal and commercial law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

The author of several dozen publications in the scope of tax law, also the author of the commentary for amendments to the personal income tax act in 2007, as well as the publications on fiscal penal law, civil law and on the Bar. He cooperates with nationwide online services serving as a legal and tax adviser.

In private, barrister Radosław Rycielski is an enthusiast of the Tatra Mountains and a fan of eastern martial arts, doing Karate since 1989 - earlier according to the Shotokan style and Kyokushinkai at present.